Perceived lightness

A while ago I started to work on an idea of having a tool that would generate color schemes with equal perceived lightness out of the base color given. I figured out the required functions to check the perceived lightness, tested the available libraries for converting colors, and ...well, didn't get further than that. Read more


Not working on your craft, whether it's coding or design, can lead to the atrophy of critical skills, which in turn might lead to avoiding practicing the craft. From the craft's perspective, it's better to stay rooted than disconnected. … Read more

Strategic misrepresentation

The more at stake, the more exaggerated your assertions become. Rolf Dobelli explains it in his book ”The Art of Thinking Clearly”: ”Most vulnerable to strategic misrepresentation are mega-projects, where accountability is diffuse (for example, if the government that commissioned the project is no longer in power), …” Read more